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Students and Teachers will recognise and experience the benefit of collaboration in technical problem solving environments with others distant in place. From Customising Xbox 360 Controllers Together
Also the use of Xbox 360 Modification sets, can be a great way to teach your students, product design. The teacher buys some sets, for example: Chrome Xbox 360 Controller Shell from Modityourself and then they sit down with their students and design/list how to replace the shell for the Xbox Controller. This is a very popular subject with the youth of today, as many students love 'free microsoft points' . We have found that various sources across the whole of the internet can provide you with the appropriate sets to do this. Staying 'Cool' with students is one of the main problems teachers face with students, but this method can allow your student to be engaged with the task, while they are enjoying themselves. We have found that this particularly helps when you are trying to get through to those students who seem to have a 'downer' on school.
Customization really effects students views on the world, if they notice that they do not have to settle, for everything they are given/told. This activity shows the student that they have the ability to change things themselves. The ethical meaning behind this project is phenomenal.
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