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Second Planning Meet Dec 5 th

The facilitators present: Jacira Meyerink -- Cambridge middle school Geoff Booth -- Southwell School - Glen McKay and Tanya Thompson -- St Andrews Middle School Kerry Williams -- Southwell School Dave Winter -- Southwell School Jo Wilson -- Southwell School -- Matthew - a student from Southwell.

  • Share what we have found out and are feeling about project.
  • Make brief intro Blog post
  • Revisit creating friendships for gamer ids online
  • To scaffold and provide clarity for Term 1 2009
  • Define roles for participants and numbers of roles
  • Skills list

To date
Term 4, 2008

All lead teachers to play the game and get to Level 9
We will bring a list of the essential skills for Term 1, 2009,
Dave will work on wikispace to clarify outcomes for term one

Blog post and friendships established
Invite contacts colabsouthwell1 to colabsams1 so that we can msn video chat etc etc
Gamer-id so that we can invite each other into our gardens

Term 1, 2009

Introduction to Viva Pinata - go to youtube trailer etc. Introduction of the game and how to play it.
Introduction to live spaces
Gameplay to happen online or with two controller gardens but not across the Schools at this stage.
In class discussions around setting up a learning environment - team set up and roles.. Agreed contribution
What we will do
Success indicators
Post per group about the key competencies or team roles on live spaces. Allow students to come up with these to ensure it's more authentic.
Students from each of the four classes at least 1 post per group.
Clearly articulated statements about key competencies and group roles.
Each student will have opportunity to play the game visit the website and the classes will have at least one community display game reflection discussion.
Each of the classes
Games will be able to be shown to have developed and students will show some understanding of how to garden successfully.

Key competencies identified as important
  • Relating to others
  • Communication - clear understanding, able to influence, help
  • Thinking -reflection
  • Develop these during Term 1 - what do the key competencies look like etc??
Learning Intentions discussed and negotiated with students/teachers

Essential basic skills checklist - a base "toolkit"
  • skills base - watering can, spades etc
  • Programme support specific - online help and forums, Viva Pinata home page etc
  • understanding/development of Key Competencies -

Self Assessment
Teacher Assessment
Game Set Up

  • specifc sub skills need to be listed here

Basic Game Skills


Accessing Games Support

Achievement objectives??? Cyber Safety - use this as a opportunity Discussion around structure -
  • Livespaces to be used for integrity to agreement
this will feed to wikispace
  • How many students in each group? 4 possible roles player, researcher, adviser

studentstimetabling etc???? Job roles, how will they be managed- rotation of roles??
Use the students/teachers experience in the game to help co-construct the roles, routines, regulations? Evidence Wikis Blogs Sites we went to... Cluster Wiki for Xbox-Colab Viva Pinata home page
Xbox Live Viva
Windows Live Space for Colabhttp:
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