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Welcome back to 2009. Agenda for today is to do following.

8 8-30 Look at video from Austrailian School
Discuss progress and Blog postings.
Geoff's page as an example of scaffolding the learners through web spaces
a copy of it is here for furthere reference.
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Here is some examples of work EGL have done recently
1. The research blog (being assembled now so still very much in draft form):
2. Some example articles published recently attached
Annick Janson (PhD) Contacts Associate, Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research (CACR), Victoria University of Wellington Research Director, Microsoft NZ, Partners in Learning Programme Ecosynergy Group Ltd. | 30 Aurora Terrace, Hillcrest, Hamilton 3216 New Zealand P- 64-7-8582284 |F- 64-7-8566058 | M- 64-27-2881949 | E- |W-
3. An online article just published this month is mentioned on the live spaces.

9.10 10.30 Look in Geoff's room at student's working on the project

10.30-11.00 Annick will look at research opportunities
key competency - participating and contributing is expressing ourselves in expo
Transfer of knowledge how could this be transfered to a working enterprise?
The message from the apprentise where if you don't work well in a group.

What have we done so far??

Kerry and Room - what is a blog? What makes a good blog? They had a look at other blogs and compared them to forums. Kerry's class created a few seperate blogs on seperate areas, ie.How to start the game. Kerry and his class have devided the class into - colabsouthwell1 = 3 groups, colabsouthwell2 = 5groups. He used a continum of gaming experience to help mix groups evenly. They have played the game once. A 40min session was a bit short.

Geoff and Room - they have decided on set roles within the class and what each role consists of. This came from about 4 blocks of class discussion. There has been a lot of discussion around the key competencies and creating a clear purpose/direction for the trial. Geoff and his class have devided the class into - colabsouthwell3 = 3 groups, colabsouthwell4 = 4 groups. Geoff made the decisions about groups, using his knowledge of who would work best with who. The 5 roles are: blogger, researcher, watcher, leader/organiser, gamer. When there are 4 in a group instead of 5 students the blogger+research becomes 1 role. They have not yet played the game.

Glen and Room 2 - they have looked at the SAMS Learner (which is based on the key competencies). Whats good learning? What makes me a good learner? All students have a blog which links from the class blog. As a class student have made entries on their blogs about these discussons. Looking at appropriate contributions to blogs. The class have started with the communicator and a smaller learning action of "active listening" where as a class they will discuss and co-construct the criteria. As a class they have done a cyber safety unit. Glen and his class have devided the class into - colabsams1 = 4 groups, colabsams2 = 4groups. They have not yet played the game.

Set up time per class took a while as we collected all teh equipment we needed. Looking for the right space etc within a class setting needs to be well thought out.

Dave to find out what the status of the game Kadu
Investigate the next round of funding.
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