Gaming added to learner contribution
Meeting 22nd May

What has been achieved
Interface article
Multi blog posts video etc
Look at actions that group has taken
How is it Going
  • Kids want to connect to each other.
  • The game is a small part
  • They have learnt how to give constructive feedback
  • Helps the class get together more quickly and have solved problems together
  • High level of ontask behaviour

What would we like to achieve with the rest of the term
lifting the bar?
play gardens online
attempt to get ability to play each other

Everyone together on Wednesday
Wednesday the 24th
There are two organisational pages for this 1 in the facilitators area getting ready for the Big Pinata Play Off
The second at the top which is the programme for the day have a look at these and add where you can

The primary review question
What difference did it make to you as a learner.?

Skype addresses

these are recorded on contacts page
  • davewin2it
  • jacira
  • room.two
  • tanyat29
  • glenn
  • gbooth3

It may be an idea to have class logons such as Glenn does for room 2

Times to meet
Wednesday 11.30 -12.50 kerry southwell1 and 2
Friday 11.30 - 12.50 geoff southwell 3 and 4
Glen any day and after 11.40 on friday

Next meeting
in Skype 8.00 - 9.00 on Wednesday 3rd

Dave to work at schools
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