Gaming added to learner contribution
First meeting

To meet and become familiar with each other and the potential of the game.
To decide on the key steps for the engagement of students in the programme
To gain clarity of protocols and roles of group

11.30 Introductions to project and each other
Project Basics
Proposal established bay all the Southwell Particpants here today and in conjuntion with Huerisko in Christchurch who are acting as Microsofts agent.

Students and Teachers will recognise and experience the benefit of collaboration in technical problem solving environments with others distant in place.

Goal 1: To determine the best method of student involvement in the game that will maximise student learning with the primary pilot group in 2009.
Goal 2: To construct a collaborative environment that will maximise student contributions and sharing.
Goal 3: For students to achieve a good understanding of the interdependencies within a complex ecosystem model and thereby improve student communication and negotiation skills.

11.40 Xbox basics and viva pinata try out
Take some time to see what might happen in this environment.
Look at what

12.15 Lunch

12.45 Norms for teacher and student group

1.15 Development of structure for learning and framework
for communication.
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