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The Videos are designed to be true indicators as to what is taking place. The students playing the game sequences are interesting through lack of script by what you can observe. The environments are emmersive and engaging what we see is strong use of co-operative roles and communication. One teacher anecdotaly remarked that her class have been quicker to gel this year because of their co-operative work in Viva pinata. The video chat shows two students who have never met in person and have first talked online about aminute before the filming takes place. The communication that takes place is natural and purposeful.
Using the Xbox Video Chat facility
What happens when students who have never met but have a shared problem environment talk to each other online.
This was recorded about a minutes into this first meeting.
Students Self Made Video Gardening
The game is a busy, decision making environment.
This is what it looks like from a students perspective.

First xbox Video Conference from Media team on Vimeo.

What Students think they will learn?
We asked the students what purpose learning through game playing could have and they said this...
A Group Gaming as a team
Again student captured footage of playing the game
together. They are also communicating with someone distant in place at the same time.

Learning to collaborate Games can Help
Reflecting on the goals of the project and some video of a day with 16 xboxes and 100 students.
The right tools make all the difference. Students made a video of their
favorite gaming tools.

Learning to collaborate? – Games can help from Media team on Vimeo.

Kodu the new development platform
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