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Xbox Setup

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For groups to work together all you really need is a game and the xbox.
We recommend using a vga connection to either a computer monitor or lcd tv. This makes writing especially easy to read and provide less strain on the users eyes. For large group sessions we also used this connection to connect to a data projector.

Our Standard equipment list was
Xbox 360 console
Nothing special here
60GB hard drive
Don't try to work with just memory card they are too small
Wireless Controller 1
Having only the one controller is generally the best for group roles
How to connect wirelless controller
VGA cables to connect to computer screen or data projector
Gives added definition over rca leads
memory card 256
not necessary with hard drive
For Networked Game play
Live Camera
For video chat
Microphone/head phone sets
Fantastic communication challenge
LCD Computer monitors
Improvement over TV quality image
Viva pinata trouble in paradise

XBOx live Networking Guide

The Xbox is relatively network friendly and in fact when we plug it into a schools network it will generally find its way to xbox live.
because the traffic is not using the http protocol there are no proxy issues. The issues arise from not having an individual ip known to the world for each individual xbox. We got around this in the end by getting extra ip addresses from our isp and routing these directly to our xboxes via virtual lans. In other words this takes some doing. Why the issue arises is described here

Schoolzone connections
We struck a slight issue with Schoolzone. Having had one technician affirm that the xbox would work out of the box on a schoolzone site
we found out otherwise. The Xbox was unable to join x box live because the mtu is not high enough.
"mtu status connection timed out"
"mtu setting on router or gateway requires a minimum mtu setting of 1364 "
We have been told there is only one solution to this issue. For the faint of heart look away.
What we have need to do is create a static ip for the x boxes
in our case
10.189.240.??? the ??? being a number of our choice between 1 and 255

Also need subnet mask and gateway address prob suit network engineer to complete.
A graphical guide is here

Then the ISA server or Proxy need to have some network address translation rules added so that the xbox can find its way out to the net and vice versa.

For the xbox to work Tim Harper from enables the xboxes access on the ports they require to access the live network. There was a charge of $150 for the five IP addresses we need in this instance.

Virtual Education Network offer configuration of other services such as video conferencing.

Firewall rules
Could stop access the ports that need to be enabled found below
For most networking hardware that uses NAT, forwarding a network port from one network node to another network node (usually known as port forwarding or tunneling) is not required for your Xbox console to connect to Xbox LIVE. This is especially true if you use an Xbox LIVE-certified device. Port forwarding should only be necessary if you use a proxy server or a true firewall device instead of, or in addition to, NAT. Sometimes, you may have to configure port settings on a non-Xbox LIVE-certified router or gateway.

If there is a firewall device between the Xbox console and the networking hardware, you may have to configure the firewall to enable communication on specific network ports. If the NAT status in the Network Status area of the Dashboard is "moderate" or "strict," you may have to configure port settings.

The following ports must be available for Xbox LIVE to operate correctly:
  • UDP 88
  • UDP 3074
  • TCP 3074
For information about how to configure port settings on a firewall, router, or gateway, please see the documentation that was included with that device.

The xbox can connect to either a VGA (computer) or RCA (tv/video) type connection. The VGA type provides text that is much easier to read than the RCA but requires an extra lead to connect the xbox up with.
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